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Welcome to the new school year. The charge for this school year is to be cognizant of student needs and provide social, emotional, behavioral, and academic support to our students. Students perform well and can experience academic achievement when the basic needs are met by the adults in their lives. As a family, school and community team, we can work together to make this a productive school year.

The Wolfpack faculty and staff are excited to provide rigorous instruction to our students. We will work hard to plan and deliver the best educational experiences using DoDEA’s College and Career Readiness standards. This school year we are working diligently to assist students with closing academic gaps caused by absenteeism due to the global pandemic or other unforeseen circumstances. Parents can assist with this challenge by minimizing absences and keeping track of your student’s absences.

The Wolfpack family is dedicated to providing a positive and collaborative educational environment for students. It is extremely important for families, school personnel, and community representatives to work as a collaborative team to make decisions for students based on sound judgment, various sources of data, and the basic understanding of the best practices for students. Therefore, the importance of having parents and community representatives present on the School Advisory Committee and the Parent Teacher Organization is imperative. Parent involvement is an advantageous strategy to secure student academic support.

Our doors are always open to stakeholders. We welcome you to come in and discuss school matters. We are anticipating building strong relationships and operating as a comprehensive Wolfpack family. We are impacting the lives of students one day at a time.

Assistant Principal

Sevilla Elementary Middle School

DoDEA's official photo of Dr. Tabatha Ware.

Dr. Tabatha Ware

Unit 6582
APO, AE 09643
United States

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